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by Rakanez

When people are asked to give their opinion of the news media, responses range from bitter contempt to noble constitutional defense. "They got the facts wrong" is a statement often seen in print, usually quoted by the subject of the story in question. The story might be an obituary, or a well intentioned feel-good piece about a local hero; but good intentions are dashed when the last name is spelled incorrectly or the reporter sourced background material from an unreliable 3rd party or worse, did no research at all.

Is news reporting perfect? Hardly, but facts are usually best represented by people who can ferret them out, invest a little objectivity and communicate them succinctly. It also shouldn't come as any surprise that there are many ways to convey 'the story' or 'tell the truth'. It doesn't always have to start and end with a degreed experienced journalist, and that would be especially true in a perfect, or more aptly, complete world.

Now, professional journalists and news makers share the headlines with citizen journalists - people with a story to tell. Complete World News is a hybrid news web magazine that combines hard-hitting reporting from professional news organizations with the eye-witness accounts of everyday people living those stories, and some stories that would other-wise not see the light of day.

"Traditional news sources tend to throw news at us," says founder Gary P. Bryant, "to be sure, the information these sources provide is relevant to most of us, but it's certainly not the whole picture. Citizen journalists have an opportunity here to shed some light on the other side of current events."

Citizen journalists are not paid professional reporters. Rather, they are ordinary people that have opinions, or community volunteers that see part of their mission as reporting the news and issues from their own point of view. Complete World News offers registered visitors the opportunity to host their own news blog and see their stories posted right along side those of professional journalists.

To help first time news bloggers to become citizen journalists, Complete World News offers a free tutorial that shows new users how to report their stories in a credible way. Complete World News also features video news broadcasts from the world's leading news sources, and in-depth analysis of current issues. Additionally, the site hosts a geo-political knowledge base that offers historical summaries of countries throughout the world.

Access to Complete World is totally free and is available to anyone in any country with translation technology for fifteen languages.

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